Les Menhirs de Monteneuf, un site exceptionnel à la fois archéologique et mégalitique

Discover the Monteneuf standing stones, Brocéliande archaeological site

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The Monteneuf standing stones site has unrestricted and is free of charge throughout the year.

Why not take a trip to discover these standing stones in their green setting? Come and discover these red shale standing stones and also our archaeological reconstruction area.

A few metres from the standing stones you can go inside in our Neolithic house and see its garden for growing grains.

At the lower end of the site you can discover the techniques that prehistoric people used to change a simple stone block into a standing stone.
During the spring and summer holidays come and try our activities.

You can take part in a prehistoric workshop: move a standing stone, discover fire, make a pot, and handle the tools used by the standing stones builders. And also discover the site with a guide, or for younger visitors through a treasure hunt.

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Site achéologique des Menhirs de Monteneuf, situé dans le Morbihan en Bretagne