Les Menhirs de Monteneuf

Major players in the project

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logo-pays-guer.jpg Guer Communauté

Guer Communauté is a grouping of seven communes: Augan, Beignon, Guer, Monteneuf, Porcaro, Réminiac and Saint Malo de Beignon, with almost 13,000 inhabitants.

Guer Communauté owns the Monteneuf standing stones and as part of its strategy to promote local tourism, culture and environment, it has set up an ambitious programme to develop this outstanding megalithic site that you will discover during your visit:

  • constructing facilities for the public,
  • creating information boards,
  • designing areas and pathways.

Guer Communauté has assigned tourist, cultural and scientific events for the Monteneuf standing stones to the association Les Landes.

logo-association-landes.jpg Les Landes

Since 2001, Les Landes, a voluntary association for environmental education, has been working to promote and preserve the natural and cultural heritage.

It organises public visits to the site of the Monteneuf standing stones and devises programmes of visits and discovery for all types of public.

It manages the regional nature reserve of the Landes de Monteneuf.

It runs a discovery centre which, throughout the year, welcomes school parties, students, associations, and tourists ... to its 69-bed centre.

It is composed of a team of professionals and volunteers who offer practical, fun, sensory and experimental activities on:

  • nature and ecology
  • prehistory and archaeology
  • sustainable development