Les Menhirs de Monteneuf

A site classified as of outstanding interest

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In the Neolithic period, the early clearances led to the development of the moorland. Megalithic structures like the Monteneuf standing stones are evidence of this history. From the earliest farmers up to the mid twentieth century, agricultural practices maintained the rich ecology of the moorland. They were then abandoned, and are now conserved by an environmentally friendly management scheme.

Since 2013, the Monteneuf standing stones have been in the heart of the Regional Nature Reserve of Les Landes de Monteneuf, now classified as an area of outstanding interest (Espace Remarquable de Bretagne). The nature reserve bears the impression of the History of Man; it is a place that gives an outstanding educational experience where nature and culture meet.


Moorland, rocks, woods, ponds and meadows make up the mosaic of landscapes in the Monteneuf moors. Paradoxically the poor soil is what has created of this rich environment with its outcrops of red shale. The Moorland gives shelter to key species that are often protected, such as carnivorous plants, nocturnal birds, bats, amphibians, and butterflies. In order to protect this outstanding biodiversity, restoration and maintenance work is carried out throughout the year.

The aim of the nature reserve is to protect and promote the natural and cultural heritage. It is also a tourist attraction where footpaths and activities help the public discover this wealth and get in touch with our environment.

Discovering the reserve

The Association Les Landes is responsible for of the management of the reserve. It offers guided tours, nature walks, discovery trails and educational workshops.

Footpaths also let you freely discover this rare and fragile natural area. Treat it with respect!