Site des Menhirs de Monteneuf : organisation de visites de groupes et accueil scolaires

A teaching centre

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Are you a teacher and want your class to discover how our ancestors lived, and introduce them to archaeology?

Throughout the year, we invite school children to spend a day on the site or a longer stay, spending the night at the Centre les Landes in Monteneuf. This centre is the ideal place to come to with one or more classes (69 places)


We design an educational programme, together with the teaching staff.
  • To acquire a sense of historical time
  • To discover how Neolithic People lived
  • To teach the children some of the skills of our ancestors
  • To understand the process of Neolithic settlement


Here are some examples of activities proposed as part of a one-day or longer visit:

The world of megaliths in prehistory

Guided tour of the archaeological site of the Monteneuf standing stones: What do the standing stones mean, and how have they survived to the present day?

Experimental archaeology: What techniques were used to move and erect a standing stone in late prehistoric times?

Guided tour of a passage grave: walk and visit of this burial site.


Daily life

From cereals to the pancake: Cultivating, grinding and cooking in the early days of agriculture.

All fired up: Fire for cooking, fire as an agent for change in daily life, techniques of making fire by percussion and friction. Building a house: in wood and wattle and daub.

We also offer programmes on the theme of archaeology or on the Palaeolithic period.

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