Site mégalitique, un espace remarquable de Bretagne

The reconstitutions

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The site of the Monteneuf standing stones contains two reconstitution areas, with unrestricted access free of charge.

The reconstitutions are full-scale illustrations of facts revealed by excavations in Brittany. They allow us deep inside our ancestors’ lives.

An area is devoted to daily life organised around a Neolithic home.

“Making a standing stone”

The megalithic building site presents, full scale, all the stages needed to make a standing stone:

  1. extraction
  2. shaping the stone
  3. moving it
  4. erecting it
  5. fixing it

Each stage shows one or more techniques, based on hypotheses drawn from archaeological research. This educational area is updated as research progresses.


"The village area"

The village area is centred on a reconstructed Neolithic house. This area will grow each year with new additions.