Site mégalitique, un espace remarquable de Bretagne

The discovery trail

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In Monteneuf, discover the only megalithic discovery trail in Brittany on standing stones!

The site is in unrestricted access and free of charge throughout the year. You can discover it as you please: free visit, digital tablet, guided tour, treasure trail, workshops on prehistory, choose your own method of discovery.

This footpath invites you to discover and understand our Neolithic predecessors, the people who built the standing stones and handed them down to us. On your route you will also discover the research carried out by archaeologists on this megalithic site over the last 30 years.

The Monteneuf standing stones archaeological site has revealed a great variety of remains in an exceptional state of conservation. Not only will you discover standing stones, lying stones and restored stones but also the marks on the stones showing how they were moved.


The footpath starts with a sentence that will guide you along your way: “in this very spot, 6,500 years ago, men and women like us erected these standing stones. If we know how they did it, will we have a better understanding of who they were and why they did it?”

When you arrive in the building, you are greeted by a large mural composed of 10 drawings that trace the history of the site.

The trail then goes on for 1½ kilometres punctuated by ten stations. They will lead you into the archaeological site and the reconstitutions.

Mural illustrations will help you to travel in time. Imagine yourself spending a moment in a megalithic building site or in the privacy of a home!!

All along the way, “flash code” links enable you to use your smartphone to access videos, (some of them showing aspects of the footpath, others reconstituting what happened in prehistory), or interviews with archaeologists who worked on the site and staff who manage the regional nature reserve of Les Landes de Monteneuf of which the archaeological site is an integral part.