Ateliers et activités sur le site des Menhirs de Monteneuf

Guided tours

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Follow the guide through the archaeological site to discover the history of the Monteneuf standing stones.

Alongside a guide you can discover the clues hidden in the standing stones. See how archaeologists manage to give a voice to people with no written history, based on traces found in the ground and on the stones.

Look closely, and what seemed at first like a lump of rock is actually a standing stone in the process of being extracted, and then abandoned following a major accident.

These standing stones trace the 6,500 years of the history of the site.

This visit will also be a chance to spend an hour alongside our ancestors, discovering what they ate, where they lived, and the tools they used…



Workshops and visits:

  • Adults: 5€
  • Children (aged 5 to 12): 3€
  • Families: 14€
  • Students and jobseekers: 3€

Free of charge for children under 5.

Claim a reduction if you book a second activity!