à proximité de Monteneuf, Pays de Guer, Brocéliande

Monteneuf and its region

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logo-les-landes.pngWith the association The Landes, enjoy other moments of excitement and adventure:

Open-air activities in the Regional Nature reserve (Eaux et Rivières de la Bretagne, Les Landes de Monteneuf)

In the heart of the nature reserve, come and discover the wealth of amazing wildlife, home to salamanders, newts, tree frogs, praying mantises … and a few pixies:
In July and August, from 2.30 to 4.30 pm
Tuesday: Art and Nature
Wednesday: Woodcraft
Thursday: Guided walk along the Ozégan footpath
Friday: Walks in the reserve
From June to September, discover the Ozégan footpath.
This curious fun trail has a new story to tell each year. It leads you into the world of the korrigans – the pixies who live in the reserve. What with western green lizards and wasp spiders, a poetic world is there for the asking.
From April to October, take “a walk on the moors
This walk offers a sound journey telling you all about the moors from the Neolithic to the present day. (Listen to extracts)
The soundtrack can be downloaded free from the association website and then listened to on the spot as you walk across the patchwork of landscapes that make up the Landes de Monteneuf.
Or you can borrow headphones and an MP3 player from the reception of the reserve (The Landes de Monteneuf Centre).

Medieval afternoon at the Prieuré Saint Etienne in Guer

Stop off at Saint Etienne’s Priory, and spend a moment of discovery in the heart of the countryside. Inside the oldest chapel (10th century) in Morbihan, you can admire exceptional wall paintings from the 15th century, statues and a baroque altarpiece.
Well worth a detour:
In July and August, from 2 to 6 pm
From Tuesday to Saturday: guided tour of the 15th century wall paintings
From Tuesday to Saturday at 4 pm: workshop on illuminated manuscripts
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